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System Overview

Vigilant Safety Solutions® is a new innovate software approach developed to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and Health and safety Training (H&S) and record keeping to the industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and emergency sectors. Vigilant Safety Solutions® is a cloud based software solution and therefore requires no software to be loaded onto anyone’s computers or network. Vigilant Safety Solutions® is a SaaS system – software as a service, fully hosted, fully serviced and fully maintained. Vigilant Safety Solutions® has been designed and developed to allow organisations and their training partners to work in line with national guidelines and legal requirements and therefore be able to record and report on their organisational position in regards to their compliance in the 3 key areas of staff protection, safety and wellbeing – i.e. PPE, RPE and H&S. Vigilant Safety Solutions® provides organisations with a complete dash board software suite, and training toolkit, that allows organisations to view their position and compliance against real time training data. The real time training data is provided via the training and development APP that allows an organisation to log, against each individual employee, their training requirements and training records. The APP will take each trainer and trainee through all of the required steps to ensure that each person has had the correct level of training, on the desired equipment, (PPE, RPE or H&S). This will be in line with industry guidelines, thereby ensuring complete compliance, loading the dash board suite with real time training data on each employee by individual, department, location and organisation.

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  • Vigilant Safety Solutions® is cloud based.
  • Accessible via a web browser with an internet connection.
  • The APP operates on preinstalled Android tablet devices and will work with no internet connection.
  • The APP will automatically synchronise with the reporting suite as soon as a connection is made.
  • This will give real time reporting data.
  • Employee accounts can be deactivated centrally if they leave the organisation. However, if they join another Vigilant software solutions user their account can be moved to the new organisation ensure compliance and training history.
  • OWASP compliant – the standard for designing, building and testing web applications and services.
  • SCORM Compliant so it can be integrated with other learning management systems.

Features & Benefits


Vigilant Safety Solutions® has 2 main elements to its software. These are:

  1. Dash Board Reporting Suite.
  2. Training and development APP.

The Dash Board Reporting Suite

The dash board reporting suite gives each organisation the opportunity to review and report on multi-level data against its groups PPE, RPE and H&S position. The dash board gives the end user a wide range of reports to allow each key stakeholder, to see in real time, its compliance against industry guidelines and their legal requirements whilst also ensuring that each member of staff has been provided the correct level of protection and safety that the employer should ensure as part of its legal obligation.

Dashboard Typical dash board suite modules. Dashboard Fit Test

The Training & Development APP

The APP is used for delivering the training elements of Vigilant Safety Solutions® that cover all aspects of PPE, RPE and H&S. The APP will allow the user to deliver training via their tablet or mobile device. Once the individual is loaded into the training APP database it will identify the total training requirement and release each associated PPE, RPE or H&S training module. Each module will provide a step by step guide that will cover all of the elements of the training required to ensure that best practice and national guidelines are followed. Each training module will be recorded and shown in the dash board reporting suite. Depending upon the type of training recorded will determine when refresher training is needed and against which specific products.

Training Key elements of the training APP. Development Visual training element displayed via the Vigilant Safety Solutions® training APP.


  • A training information management system with data capture and system access for each registered individual
  • A national database that ensures all personnel who require RPE & PPE training are identified within the workplace
  • Staff who move from one workplace to another can transfer their training records, saving new employers time and money
  • An excellent solution for hospitals where there is a continued rotation of staff and where staff turn-over is high and for those who need to wear RPE
  • Confirm training course details & attendance online
  • Automatic reminder of when refresher training is due
  • Fit Testing APP and Full Reporting Suite
  • Infection Prevention & Emergency planning teams can upload important notifications and guidance documents
  • Helpful Resource section with video training guides and important educational materials
  • Gap analysis and Full reporting suite – Live.
  • 24/7 access
  • A system that enables everyone to be confident, competent, compliant

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