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The Situation

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is used in a variety of industries as the last line of defense against potential airborne hazards such as asbestos, silica and influenza.
As many as 12,000 people die each year in the UK because of improper protection from airborne hazards in the workplace and a further 400,000 days are taken off sick – making a significant impact on the economy.
In the UK it is a legal requirement that employees required to wear RPE be appropriately Fit Tested and that proper records are kept in accordance with HSE and COSHH guidelines.
Failing to comply could lead to serious fines, employee ill-health or even death.

The Problem

As experts in the field of RPE, we are all too aware of the difficulties employers face, ensuring their workers’ respiratory health is adequately and effectively protected.
Through hundreds of site-visits, we found that time-and-time again ineffective reporting and record keeping of RPE activity was directly leading to staff working in high risk areas without access to sufficient respiratory protective equipment. Furthermore, any RPE that was in-use, was often being worn incorrectly. If RPE records are not constantly kept up-to-date, employers could be liable for a substantial fine.

“Employers are required to keep fit test reports for at least 5 years from the date of testing and up to 40 years under health surveillance, because often there is a long period between exposure and onset of ill health.” Health & Safety Executive, OC282/28

For large organisations with high levels of staff turn-over, keeping track of who has been Fit Tested on which RPE and when can be troublesome.
But with Vigilant Safety Solutions ® it doesn’t have to be.

The Solution

Vigilant Safety Solutions® is a new and innovative management system that empowers organisations to accurately monitor and record their use of RPE across multiple sites – ensuring confidence, competence and compliance to HSE legal regulations throughout any company. Through our cloud-based system, clients will be able to monitor RPE legal compliance in real-time, instantly flag up any areas requiring improvement and ensure respiratory risks are being handled effectively. A multi-faceted software package, Vigilant Safety Solutions® comprises of three parts:

* A cloud-based Data Management Centre for organisational compliance
* A real-time Reporting Suite
* A Field Application tool

Data Management Centre

For System Administrators
Behind-the-scenes, Vigilant Safety Solutions® is a dynamic platform, ensuring any organisation is fully compliant with legal standards and internal policies.

Flexible Configuration

Fully customisable, companies will be able to adapt Vigilant Safety Solutions ® to meet the policies and expectations of their organisation.

* Allow/restrict users access and permissions
* Add or remove RPE, trainers, testers and wearers freely as required
* Alter length of time required between Fit Tests to meet legal/organisations requirements

Your Data, Your Control

Be assured that all data is safe, as each license holder will remain the Data Controller and have full control over the data that is added, amended and deleted at all times.

* Fully GDPR compliant with audit trails
* Allows companies to choose the data to keep and for how long
* Have complete control over the transfer/sharing/archiving and deletion of staff Fit Test data

Digital Record Keeping

Our digital storage ensures that all records are never lost or incorrectly filed and are fully accessible.

* Keep Fit Test data from 1-40 years with option to extend
* Store Fit Test records with signature and photographic identification for full legal compliance
* Access records through password protected cloud-based system from any internet-connection

Reporting Suite

For Senior Executives and Department Heads
Accessible via any internet-connected PC and a log-in, the cloud-based Reporting Suite lets our clients instantly monitor and report on their organisation’s RPE records in real-time.

Detailed Reporting

With paperless records, store everything needed to be fully HSE compliant and audit-ready.

* A robust process means all required details are captured ensuring compliance
* Photograph identification to confirm identity of subject stored against each fit test
* Time-stamped digital signature feature for confirming when and where Fit Tests took place

Custom Presentations

Provides clients with the data needed to create custom presentations at the touch of a button.

* Easily highlight areas in need of improvement
* Compare and evaluate departments at a glance
* Display data in easy-to-digest pie-charts and diagrams

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep on top of RPE usage through real-time monitoring.

* Filter data by tester/site/department/RPE type
* Know instantly who is a Fit Tester and who has been Fit Tested
* Variable access levels allows all clients to decide who has access to specific information

Field Application

For Fit Testers and Trainers
Preinstalled onto Android tablets, the Field Application side of Vigilant Safety Solutions® is an essential tool for undertaking Qualitative or Quantitative Fit Testing, monitoring and recording.

Fit Testing

Ensure accurate and proper Fit Testing across any organisation, with the Field Application and send real time Fit Test reports to Wearers and their Line Managers.

* Step-by-step video guides ensure compliant testing
* In-built timer and safety questions to eradicate errors
* Respirator selection using the App ensures compliant testing using the correct Fit Test method

Cascade Management

Effectively manage the cascading of Fit Testing across an organisation.

* Access Wearers Fit Testing records on the go
* Add staff on the fly without duplicating records
* Quickly assess who has and has not been Fit Tested by name/site/department/product/tester/date


Guarantee staff do not slip through the net, with the ability to manage training events in the app.

* Book Fit Tester training sessions directly through the app
* Send automatic email invites and track training attendance
* Protect any organisation from any future litigation claims, with mandatory signature confirmation for attendance

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